Tee Time Buddy - TeeTimeBuddy.com service will works for more than 16,000 courses!

1. Create an account

Please click on the register button on the Tee Time Buddy home page in the lower right hand corner. In the register box on the right of the register/login page, please enter your name, email address, password, address, and phone number.  Also, please let us know how you heard about Tee Time Buddy.  (If you already created an account, please go to the login section).   

2. Login

Once you have created an account, you click on the login button on the home page and then enter your email address and password.

3. Create a Tee Time Buddy List

Once you have logged in, click schedule a new round.  You will then be brought to a page that has an area where you can enter your golf buddies’ information.  Click on add a buddy and enter in your buddy’s name and email address.  You can add as many buddies as you wish.  After all your tee time buddies have been inserted, you can then choose your tee time buddies for each invitation by checking the box next to the name.      

You can delete a tee time buddy by checking the box next to the tee time buddy you would like to delete and then click the delete button at the bottom. 

4. Create a Tee Time Buddy golf invitation

Once you have logged in, you an send a Tee Time Buddy invitation by following these steps: 

  • First, add buddies to your invitation.  Check the box next to the buddy you would like to invite.
  • Second, add a message.  You can add an important message to your tee time buddies or just talk some trash.  Type your message in the message box at the top.    
  • Third, add a golf course(s).  Click on the link search/add a course.  You must first add the course to your favorites.  To do that you need to search for the course and add it to your saved courses.  Enter in the zip code and the miles surrounding that zip code.  Once you find your course, click select and add it to your favorites list.  (You will only have to do this one time for each course).  If you want your buddies to vote on a course you need to add multiple courses and then check the voting option to the right of the box.   
  • Fourth, add a date. 
  • Fifth, add a time or times.  You can insert a specific time (7:20 a.m.) if you already have a round reserved at a particular golf course.  You can also add several specific times (8:24 a.m. or 1:34 p.m.) or a range of times (8 – 10 a.m. or 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.) that your buddies can vote on.  Please check the voting option to the right of the box.  If you are voting on a time, once you hear back from your buddies you can then reserve your round. 
  • Sixth, preview and send your invitation.  Click on the save and preview button located at the lower right hand corner of the my home page to view the invitation before sending it.  If the invitation looks good, you can close the preview window and then click send.  If you need to make changes, click close and make your changes and preview again. That’s it! 

5. Checking on the status of Tee Time Buddy invitation

Tee Time Buddy will automatically send you an email your buddy’s response.  Additionally, you can check on the status of all the responses by logging on to your account.  Each response is color coded.

                    Green =       accepted

                    Red    =       declined

                    Blue    =      tentative

                    Gray   =       no response

6. Send a reminder about an invitation or round

After you login go to the invitations sent box.  (The reminder must be sent by the person who created the invitation).  Below the invitation there is a send a reminder link.  Click on the link and a box will appear with the invitation.  You can enter your comments along with your reminder.  Your reminder will be sent to the invitees.

7. Canceling an invitation

You need to sign in to your account.  Once you are signed in, go to the invitations sent box.  There is a cancel link by the invitation.  Click on the link and an email will be sent to your buddies that you invited.

8. For questions or additional information

Please contact us at info@teetimebuddy.com.



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